Care Homes for Stroke Patients

Luxury Care Homes for Stroke Patients

Our exceptional care homes for stroke patients provides around the clock care for residence. We are a luxury care home provider that goes above and beyond in everything we do. From daily activities to support groups, our homes ensure that anyone with long term disabilities resulting from a stroke feels comfortable and at home.

The first thing we can guarantee is bespoke care plans for every stroke patient. Signature Care Homes truly believes in tailored needs. After all, the amount of care required depends on each resident and the type of stroke they’ve suffered. We provide personal care for stroke patients at various levels, including those that need 24/7 monitoring to people who only require a little assistance. Personal care meets the need of the residents – we ensure that.

Every resident can enjoy the luxury living that Signature Care Homes has earned a reputation for, including all the excellent activities and facilities on offer. Our teams facilitate everyday help for stroke patients in terms of mobility, meaning they can experience plenty of enriching activities and social events that they may not be able to enjoy otherwise. For example, we have gardens, cinema trips, church services, potting sheds, arts and crafts, and much more.

If you’re looking for care homes for stroke patients that ensure residents make the most of life, our care homes are ideal options. Plus, the meals we offer are superb. Of course, our homes have tea and biscuits and cakes for residents, but care for stroke patients also means providing healthy, nutritious meals, all cooked fresh on the day by our catering teams and served by our friendly waiting staff.

When recovering from stroke occurrence, every stroke patient needs physical and emotional care – and that’s precisely what we offer. Our expert nursing team takes care of the physical side of things, while the community and companionship create a nurturing environment for emotional wellbeing. Just look at our outstanding care homes for stroke patients – each one in a beautiful location. Some are surrounded by endless greenery, others by exquisite lakes, and some are even near the coast. Being in such a gorgeous setting can boost the wellbeing of a stroke patient, especially those who are with us for long term care.

As you can see, our care homes for stroke patients offer a wide variety of care for those who need it most. If you’re a family member wanting to ensure your loved one receives high-quality care in a comfortable location, you can find no better place than in one of our homes.

What Are the Signs of a Stroke?

It’s essential to know the signs of a stroke – especially for those who fall under the risk factors. These risk factors include diabetes, high blood pressure, smoking, heart disease, carotid artery disease and atrial fibrillation. Many of the residents at Signature Care Homes fall under these risk factors, but don’t worry; our expert teams know what to look out for, and there are always specialists on hand to provide round-the-clock, immediate help for stroke patients.

A stroke happens when the blood supply to the brain is cut off. The most common type is Ischemic stroke, which occurs when blood clots prevent blood flow to the brain. A stroke may also happen when a blood vessel bursts.

Here are the signs of a stroke to be aware of:

A Drooped Face

When a stroke occurs, the person often experiences drooping on one side of the face. It’s most noticeable in the eye and mouth areas.

Slurred Speech

If someone suffering from a stroke tries to talk, it typically comes out as slurred speech that you cannot easily understand.

Unable to Lift One Arm

Strokes usually affect one side of the body. If someone cannot lift their arm, it could be an indicator of a stroke.

If any of these symptoms occur, it’s crucial to call the emergency services immediately.

At our care homes for stroke patients, we have the necessary staff and equipment to handle strokes, such as alteplase injections, which restores blood flow to the brain. Because our homes care for residents who are in the high-risk category, we cater to stroke-related issues that may occur. Our staff is on hand 24/7 to monitor residents and administer a quick response should the need arise.

Specialist Carers for Stroke Support

When a family member seeks a care home for stroke patients for their loved one, they want to know they’ll receive only the best possible care. You can be sure of that when choosing Signature Care homes. That’s because every care home has dedicated staff trained to care for residents at every step of the way. From the general manager overseeing the home to the hospitality team to the nursing team devoted to tailored care for stroke patients, you’ll know your loved one is in safe and good hands.

You’ll be pleased to know that specialist carers provide around-the-clock care for stroke patients. Even months after a stroke, patients need ongoing and attentive care, and that’s what Signature Care Homes ensures. During that care, our carers will help the resident perform general daily activities such as bathing and dressing. Naturally, a big part of care is providing medications, such as clot busting medicine, which is another task that the specialist carers take care of every day.

Regarding long-term recovery, our specialist carers provide help for stroke patients with daily rehabilitation exercises, such as physical therapy and speech therapy. Every step is monitored, too, ensuring each resident’s family can keep up to date with their care and process.

Our in-house team of specialist carers is also knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to emotional care. Unfortunately, the effects of stroke aren’t just physical; this condition can also harm a person’s mental health. The specialists at Signature Care Homes understand this, meaning they know what to look out for and how to care for patients struggling emotionally.

The Benefits of Residential Care for Stroke Patients

You might wonder what the benefits of a care home for stroke patients are. When you choose Signature Care Homes, here are the advantages you can expect:

Around-the-Clock Care

It doesn’t matter if it’s day or night – there is always a team of specialists monitoring and ready to provide care to every resident.

In-house Specialists

On top of all the expert staff undertaking general management and hospitality, residents can also receive the care of specialists who know exactly what to look out for when looking after stroke patients. This collective teamwork makes residents’ care and recovery a much more prospective and pleasant experience.

Varying Levels of Care

Not everyone who suffers a stroke experiences the same long-term symptoms – Signature Care Homes understands that. That’s why we provide varying levels of care. Staff monitor residents to see how much care they might need; it might be a lot of around-the-clock care, or it could be a little less.

A Community

One of the best elements of residential homes for stroke patients is that the environment provides a community that can boost wellbeing. In such a place, no one can ever grow lonely or bored. The staff is engaging, friendly, and helpful, providing a positive atmosphere every single day.

Peace of Mind for the Family

Relatives of those suffering after a stroke want to know that their loved one receives only the best care – that’s what Signature Care Homes do. It takes the care aspect out of the family’s hands while still facilitating plenty of visits (the more, the better!), making it easier on everyone.

So, instead of searching common queries like “care homes for stroke patients near me” on the internet for days and weeks, you can rest assured that you’ve already found the ideal place suited to care for your loved one. Our world-class care homes with outstanding facilities, along with our enriching daily activities and talented teams, are a testament to this.


If you’re still unsure about care homes for stroke patients, take a look at our testimonials below.

“Exceptional service in trying times. My mother is doing much better, having been moved to this facility to start rehabilitation from a hip operation and illness. She is being treated as an individual with individual needs and may be able to make it back to independent living because of this. Nothing is too much trouble and I only wish we had found this facility a few weeks ago when time was on our side. It is the perfect place to recuperate. I would recommend anyone recovering from an operation to opt for this service instead of home carers if finances allow.” – Alison (Daughter of Resident)

“We are very impressed with the care my mother has received whilst at Rosebery Manor over the past 2 years. All the staff are friendly, caring and show a lot of respect to all residents and their relatives. Following my mother’s stroke, the staff have quickly and seamlessly adapted to her new and more intensive level of care and needs without even having to ask. The Dementia unit is very efficiently run by the Dementia Manager who maintains very high standards whilst treating all residents as individuals.” – Caroline (Daughter of Resident)

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