Luxury Care Homes in Reading

Signature Care Homes Near Reading

Are you searching for a care home in Reading or care homes near Reading? You don’t have to travel too far from Reading town centre to find a residential care home that offers comfort, independence and a friendly community – especially when you choose Signature Care Homes.

The closest luxury care home listings to Reading include the fabulous Signature at Caversham, just north of Reading. This care home offers the best of both worlds; it’s situated between the city and the countryside, consisting of individual apartments catering to a wide range of needs, from respite care to dementia care. This care home in Reading feels like a luxury manor rather than a care home, with its private patios, endless greenery, and even wet rooms.

Our other Signature care home near Reading are a bit further out. Signature at Ascot is right by Ascot, a beautiful village with efficient transport links.  There are also plenty of family facilities, including bistros, private terraces, and even a cinema. You can’t get much better when looking at care homes around Berkshire.

Residential Care Homes Near Reading

When researching care homes in Reading, you probably want to know the distance from Reading to the care home. This aspect is one of the most frequently asked questions of people looking at nursing homes.

Signature at Ascot is 45 minutes on the train from Reading train station to Ascot station. If you want care homes in Reading centre, it might be a little far out, but you can rest assured that transport links are consistent. Plus, it’s only 30 minutes by car via the A329, which is around 14.6 miles.  Find out more about Signature at Ascot here.

Signature at Caversham is another one of the residential care homes in Reading that won’t make you travel far. It’s 2.6 miles from Reading centre, which is around a 5-10 minute drive and 20 minutes on the 24 Berry bus. Find out more about Signature at Caversham here.

Whether you’re looking for care homes around Reading or care homes in the Reading city centre area, Signature Care Homes offers what you need.