Why Working in a Care Home is More than just a Job

Working with older people is becoming more popular with many people from all walks of life. Its exposure to good people, its possibilities as a career and, often, its flexibility are all appealing. So why should you consider it?

It all begins with the philosophical argument that this line of work is simply more than just a job. Community environment, sense of purpose and fulfillment and working with decent people are all things we want from our workplace and these come in spades in care work. At its core it really is about giving back to society, giving back to people. So many of us have wonderful childhood memories with our grandparents that for those of you drawn to a career in humanitarian work, the care industry can be a natural first step. It combines professional environments with something a little closer to home.

In more practical terms, career progression in the care home industry is beyond many other professions. As work experience in medical fields it may be suitable, as management experience it offers plenty of opportunities and for behind the scenes work that isn’t client-facing, care homes require all the facets of any other business while still working towards an overall good. The care home industry requires accountants, cleaners, chefs and plumbers too.

Variety is another good reason for taking part in care work. So many people are frustrated by dull and repetitive jobs, to the point that so many employers are trying to diversify the work environment to keep it fresh, interesting and productive. This is not something you’ll need to worry about working in the care industry. Not only will you spend your time with people with decades of life experience, many of whom are extremely grateful for your company and engagement, but you are working with often likeminded people who are there for similar or the same reasons as you.

Your own personal development gives another more practical angle to want to work in this industry. Courses and training are numerous and accessible, ensuring you can continue to climb to ladder. Becoming a specialist or senior carer is also a great medium-term option. Further still, Open University degrees are becoming more accessible as well as apprenticeships and traineeships. This is great for giving yourself a future foundation to work in the industry and after time, if someone chooses to move on, the transferable skills into other lines of work and other industries.

But it really is all about the people in the end. Those you work with and those you care for. That’s what it’s all about. If you want to conquer the world and make vast sums of money, you should’ve become a banker.

If, however, you want to get home at the end of the day feeling fulfilled, feeling like you made a difference to someone and feeling like you’re contributed to something, then you’re most of the way there already.

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