Luxury Care Homes – What to Look For

Looking for a luxury care home for yourself or a relative can be a tricky process at times. With a great number of options available everyone wants to be sure they are making the best decision.

However, there are a number of things to get started with and key signs to look out for when exploring options, and here are some details to look for in a luxury care home.

Initial Help

Making a decision on a care home is one thing but moving in is another. That’s why taking into account the help that you get from the home when moving in is important. It’s favorable when luxury carehomes have top-end facilities, activities, and staff but choosing one that assists with the moving in process can be just as important. Dedicated staff and systems that assist in setting up your relocation are important factors to look for and Signature homes have a dedicated team. Help with presenting options for the care itself, the financial options available to residents and for support to the extended family are key areas alongside moving in to a luxury home.

Care beyond care

Medical assistance is essential, quality of life beyond that is another and looking for a luxury care home that goes beyond just bigger rooms and higher end facilities is part of that. Things like meal plans that ensure good nutrition, activity plans that are great for resident’s social lives and outings that are delightfully stimulating are the extended care you should look for. These aspects are about taking what is basic and elevating those elements to have a meaningful impact on residents.


Luxury car homes should offer its residents more indulgent, higher quality and a wider range of facilities than others but that doesn’t necessarily mean they would suit you. There are two sides to this, one is looking into the types of facilities and programs in place and seeing if they are what you want and what you’d enjoy but also to look into it the mechanics behind these to see if the home can bend over backwards to modify tradition for its residents. At Signature there is a dedicated activities team that always look to improve and upgrade activities schedule for residents, we offer the best so why not put in a request! It’s worth asking questions about these facilities before moving in; how often are they updated? What’s planned for developing them? This is what sets luxury homes apart.

Higher degree of care

It isn’t  just about medical care but also kindness. Luxury care homes are designed to go the extra mile with residents and the higher degree of care is the result of it. It’s worth investing time in getting to know staff and the ethos of the home where you will find dedication to the work haven being held in high importance. That goes a long way to making living there a luxury.


It goes without saying that a “Luxury Care Home” will carry more of a price tag than others but there is a reason for it and it is something that should be embraced. In essence, you want to see that you are getting your moneys worth and it starts with the level of care. Beyond that, the price you’re paying goes towards ensuring that your time in an affluent care home is fulfilling, stimulating and enjoyable.

People want the best from all services on offer so looking into a luxury care home thoroughly could make all the difference. Look into what you’re paying for, what their community is like and what extras are on offer to you to make life that much more pleasurable and easy to manage.

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