what to expect as a new care home resident

Never left alone at our Signature homes.

What should you expect as a new resident at one of Signature’s care homes?  Here at Signature, all our homes have a formal process for moving in. Our Client Liaison Managers will be the main contact during move-in but plenty more staff members will play a part.  All our assisted living apartments are suited for an independent lifestyle (fitted with a kitchenette ) with care available when needed. There’s freedom from bills, 24/7 service  and  visitors are always welcome ; celebrations and private parties can be hosted in the private dining rooms which are available for birthdays or any special days of the year. And another brilliant feature is, many Signature homes have a cinema for film nights and shows

We asked a Client Liaison Manager from Signature the process from consultation to moving in.

What procedures are in place before moving in?

“Before moving in we will have assessed you and written a very personalised care plan for you to ensure all your needs will be met. The costs will have been confirmed with either you or your family. For a move in for a permanent resident we need to arrange for your furniture to arrive and be placed in the apartment before you arrive. If you are coming for a short stay the room is dressed and ready for your arrival. Any photos or paintings you wish to have on the walls can be taken care of by our maintenance team, usually within 5 days of your arrival. We prepare all the paperwork and try to get it to you to be looked over prior to move in day. If it can be signed and returned to us in advance this makes move in day much easier. On move in day we offer your family accompanying you a complimentary lunch in the private dining room.”


Does Signature advise family on how to approach the topic?

“Our Client Liaison Managers are here to talk you through the best way to approach this often difficult conversation if some families have realised that there is no option left for their loved one but residential care. The best way to approach this is to say “give it a go for a couple of weeks and if you don’t settle you can leave at any time”. We would always indicate that nothing is permanent if you don’t want it to be. In reality very few people have moved into our home and not settled quickly. There is so much to do, the staff and residents are so friendly and welcoming; life is generally much nicer when you are getting the care and attention you need. Many of our residents have come to us from living alone at home and feeling very isolated and lonely. All of a sudden they have many people of a similar age and circumstance around them to chat to, friendships are made and a new an exciting chapter of their life begins. One of our residents joined us in his early nineties, one day he popped along to the activity room and an art class was taking place. He decided to join in discovered a talent he never knew he had. How lovely to find a new hobby in your 90s.”


How do you personalise each care package?

“We carry out a very detailed assessment and take our time writing a personalised care plan. This takes time and is why we don’t generally move someone in a very short notice. We always appreciate families giving us a detailed bio of their loved one so we can have a good idea of their life story (really important for anyone moving in to our dementia community).”


How do the carers track progress?

“Once a resident is in our home all their care notes are kept electronically and updated as and when care is administered, thus ensuring the data capturing is timely and accurate.”


Are relatives informed of this?

“At move in families are given contact details of the relevant care managers if they wish to check in with them for updates, alternatively we use a system called Relative Gateway which you can log in to get updates on your loved one’s day to day activities, mood and progress. If there is anything concerning the care team will call the family to advise. Approaching the topic of care with a loved one can be a very delicate subject. Some are very open to the idea of a short stay in a care home to recuperate after a hospital stay, others are keen to go straight home. Our Client Liaison Managers are always on hand to offer advice on the best way to handle this.”