What Sets Signature Apart from Other Care Home Providers?

Often it can be hard to make decisions, especially large ones like which care or nursing home is best for someone or yourself. That’s why we’ve put this little piece together to showcase what Signature has to offer its residents. It’s a bit about us that we hope will appeal to a bit about you.

The defining feature of Signature care homes is that a resident’s wellbeing is the top priority. There’s a strong ethos we stick to which is that we believe a care home or nursing home should be exactly that; a home.

If this wasn’t the case and the idea was simply to look after people’s health then potentially that’s only describing a hospital. ‘Home’ is an important word however, especially at a time in life where comfort, stability and reassurance as so important.

This is why we’ve planned and built a care home organisation where home and wellbeing of the people in that home is at the heart of what we do.

The result is a packed activity schedule, exercise regime, care from specialists and the kind of social looking-after that few can rival. Not only this but we’ve planned out the design and layout of each of our homes to be inhabitant friendly, visitor friendly and, generally, people friendly. There’s a dedicated permanent staff in place to ensure that resident’s get as fulfilling a lifestyle as possible and we regularly look into new ways to keep this fresh.

Fine-dining experiences, a variety of sessions and classes as well as a daily activity calendar that is ahead of the pack are some of the details but the principle behind these is what really counts and that’s what we’re aiming for. Lifestyle, wellbeing and fulfillment.

Care homes, residencies, Retirement Living areas and nursing homes UK wide have laundry facilities for residents, cook meals and have a reception. We think it is going the extra mile that sets us apart however.

In recent times Signature has won numerous awards for its work and is regularly considered at the top of its game in the industry. No easy achievement when the care industry comes under such scrutiny by government and the public. It’s simply a testament to what we do and how we do it.

A dedicated ‘moving in’ team, top end décor and facilities and commitment from top to bottom is how we feel is the best way to look after people, and it has shown in the feedback we’ve had from resident’s and their families.

We’ve recently published a blog about elderly well-being and this is where our core ethos lies and what drives us to stand apart as a care home provider. After all, a care home is not just about care, it should be a home  too.

You can also watch our video where two families discuss their experiences when looking for care and after choosing signature: