Assisted Living Care

What is assisted living? Here in the UK assisted living does more or less what it says on the tin: an individual moves into a self-contained residence such as a flat or bungalow, and is cared for by staff who are available 24 hours a day. The level of care available ranges from help with basic everyday tasks such as shopping and cleaning, to more advanced and medical considerations.

Many assisted living care homes are based around a complex of self-contained apartments which are secure and accessible only to staff and residents. Residents typically have the opportunity to either buy or rent the property they move into, which can be, for example, equipped with mobility aids for those who need them. Other options like shared ownership or lease schemes can be available, and service and maintenance charges related to care provision can be presented in addition to, or combined with, rent or mortgage payments. The main advantage of assisted living in that it is typically less expensive than residential nursing care, although professional help is still available when necessary.

Is Assisted Living Right For Me?

The ethos behind assisted living is one of independence and maintenance of the status quo; while the extent to which independence is compatible with 24-hour support is a matter of opinion, those who are unsure about residential care might benefit from this solution. In line with the provision’s ethos, assisted living is typically more beneficial to those who require a lower level of care than would be available in a residential nursing setting, and who are less likely to require increasing levels of advanced care.

What To Expect From Assisted Living

Assisted living facilities tend to provide a number of common services. These include help from a manager and team of support staff, a rapid-response 24h alarm system, a minimum age for residents (typically 55 or 60), and – in some areas – assessment. These homes will also typically include communal lounges to allow for socialisation between residents and the building of a sense of community, and social activities arranged for that community by its staff. For individuals who are still physically active, but who require some professional help, assisted living can be the perfect solution.

Luxury Assisted Living with Signature

Signature manages twelve residential homes across London and the home counties, all of which offer luxury assisted living accommodation.  Assisted living for couples is also available, as individuals or couples can rent a range of apartments, from studio to deluxe and two-bedroom layouts.  Signature assisted living is characterised by the superb range of facilities and activities available, the luxury of our food, drink, furnishings and décor, and the care and integrity of our staff.

Most Signature homes offer a variety of dining options, from a formal restaurant to a more casual bistro, all serving nutritious, varied and top quality food.  On-site facilities typically include a cinema, beauty therapy room and hairdresser, spa bath, café and a variety of communal areas for socialising and relaxing.  With dedicated Activities Managers and activities teams, residents have a huge choice of outings, performances, games and community events to take part in if they choose to.  The options for socialising and getting involved in activities are far greater for our residents than for people living in their own properties.

Assisted Living for Couples

Moving in to an assisted living apartment with Signature is a way to expand one’s possibilities and broaden one’s horizons whilst having the support of expert carers and enjoying a luxurious and fulfilling lifestyle.  Signature also offers a range of apartments suitable for couples to live together, even if the care needs differ between partners.

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