Signature Summer Menu 2022

Signature are proud to announce our new Summer Menu.  This was created by our development team in collaboration with our Head Chefs.  We would love to share some pictures of the best dished created by our chefs.

Ingredients for each meal are carefully selected for ample taste, two thirds of ingredients used are sourced locally so they ensure a fresh element is available for seasonal selections. The Summer Menu encompasses lunch and dinner set menus with a wide variety of choices for residents to choose from and a degree of personalisation catered to each palette.

For the lunch menu, there are a selection of soup starters, pescetarian, meat and vegetarian options for mains and a choice of two desserts similarly, for the dinner menu, a soup starter is available with the option between two light dinner meals and a filling dessert.  On offer as part of the daily lunch menus are a comprehensive selection of meat, fish and vegetarian options, available in all Signature homes’ restaurants