The Drop – Reducing Energy Usage in Signature Homes

Reducing energy consumption without impacting our world class resident experience is so important to Signature. For instance, last week Signature at Wimbledon attributed their reduction to switching off lights when they’re not required for residents and turning electric heaters while maintaining a comfortable level of heat.

“The Drop” was a competition that we ran across February to reduce energy consumption in our homes. The final league table and prizes were presented at our General Manager Spring Conference last week.

These are the five homes which achieved the greatest reduction in electricity usage from 1st – 28th February:


Small Changes at Home Can Have a Big Impact on the Environment

Signature at Parklands decided to lower the run speed of our air handling units from high speed to low. They set extraction air handling units in the kitchen and laundry to only run in operating hours. They also turned the boilers set point down 5 degrees and boilers were staged to turn off for a few hours at night. Parklands lowered the water heater set point down 5 degrees and switched off the main door curtain. They made sure all heating, lights and appliances in empty rooms were off, and made sure windows were shut to keep the heat in and finally making sure lights were off when not needed and computers were off and unplugged in the offices.

Signature knows that by saving energy, we can contribute to a safer environment by reducing our carbon footprint and preserving natural resources. Furthermore, being mindful of daily habits like turning off lights when not in use and unplugging electronic devices when fully charged.