MasterChef 2016 Winner Jane Devonshire on Working with Signature

Jane Devonshire and Signature – a Perfect Partnership

I was so engaged when I first started to chat to Signature about the possibility of a collaborative year of working together.  The homes I visited are what any of us would want for our loved ones if they needed care in their later years.  I am genuinely moved to see not only an amazing standard of care but also a true fondness and engagement for all Signature Guests.  This care and attention to detail is totally reflected in the standard of food on offer, I cant explain how special it is and how close to my own heart to be able to work with Signature and the Chefs within the organisation in the coming year.

You can imagine since winning MasterChef in 2016 my life is so completely different, I can now call myself an author and am very proud of Hassle Free Gluten Free, written to give those suffering from Coeliac Disease the book I wish I had when my son was diagnosed at the age of two.  It was a hard time;  he’s the youngest of four and I had my hands full but through the right diet I could make him healthy,  and to be able to pass that knowledge on to others has been a real joy.  I am currently writing my second book so its an exciting time.

In addition, I have appeared on numerous TV programmes and in publications and national Newspapers, I write a regular column for a magazine aimed at the Coeliac Community.  I appear in food festivals around the country and work with some lovely corporate brands in addition to running a corporate cookery school. I have also managed to work with some truly inspiring chefs including Marcus Wareing, Jason Atherton, Michelle Roux and Atul Kochhar. Life is frantic, mad and inspiring and so different to my pre MasterChef days when I was a very happy stay at home Mum.

Nutrition for the Elderly

Working with the elderly and thinking of food too inspire them, whilst also being very aware of the need to watch and take into account dietary restrictions is a truly a bonus.  Being able  to devise recipes is my favourite thing to do, excite people with my recipes and twists on traditional dishes, I cant wait to see how Signature Customers react to them.  I truly believe at the heart of every great dish is flavour, I know we have to take into account hydration and nutrition but I want to incorporate these things with the same passion I bring to all my food.  We might know its healthy, but it doesn’t have to be aggressive about it its primarily great food. In that way its similar to feeding my own family, great food that’s good for you and understands we all need a little of what we fancy too.

One of the most lovely things I will be able to do over the coming months is work closely with Signature Chefs both in group invention days and at the individual homes.  You never stop learning and I fully anticipate mutually helping each other to improving and designing dishes that really excite all and hit the briefs given to the chefs.  I take these opportunities to fully appreciate the unique offering of each home and how they operate so we can bring in association with the chefs some great menus, I see this as such a collaborative process and its really great to be given this opportunity.

My very dear Nan, my mothers mum was diagnosed with Alzheimers we tried so hard to care for her at home but because of her symptoms she had to be put into a care home.  All anyone wants in this situation is to see your loved ones cared for and responded to, treated with dignity It is my absolute pleasure to work with a company who are the breathing embodiment of this, its going to be a great year working with Signature!

Jane Devonshire


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