Making the Most of Summer

A lot of us enjoy the height of summer as the finest part of the year. Winter seems far off, the days are long, and we feel the call of the outside and want to spend our days in the sun (or at least the shade) rather than sitting inside as the middle of the year goes on around us.

Staying safe is just as important as soaking up the spirit of summer, however, and with proper planning it’s possible to make the most of the weather without feeling overheated or exhausted. One simple approach is simply to pick the right activities.

Exploring our own spaces anew is a very popular summertime activity. The towns we live in tend to slowly pale in our minds from the potentially interesting destinations they truly are to familiar backdrops which fulfil little purpose other than containing the services we require. Especially in England, though, even the most grey and industrial places are never too far from somewhere really special. It was a joyous experience for me personally to find that the town in which I was living (not, at first glance, a particularly interesting one) is in fact one of, if not the, oldest in the country. Suddenly beautiful ancient buildings appeared on streets I’d walked countless hundreds of times, statues I’d ignored for years resolved themselves into interesting figures about whom I suddenly found I cared.

This new appreciation and critical examination of our local areas under the wonderful glow of high summer not only gives us a sense that where we live is special, it also allows us to explore safely. There’s almost always a cool space to duck into when the heat gets too much, and cold water is never more than a few metres away. Buildings overhead can sometimes feel oppressive, but in hot weather they provide much-needed shade and stop us from needing to hide under a tree every few minutes.

Staying hydrated is especially important for seniors, who are at a greater risk of dehydration, but water isn’t just for drinking and spending some time at the shores of a river, a lake or the sea is one of the most iconic summertime activities for a good reason. Even if you don’t feel like swimming, the jewel-like shimmer of water under the bright sun is an ineliminable summertime sight for many people, and the onshore breeze and cooling effect of the sea (if you choose to take a day at the beach) can provide more comfortable conditions than you’d find inland. Just remember to limit your exposure to direct sunlight, especially during the early afternoon when the sunlight and air are hottest. Always have water and shade nearby, no matter what you choose to do, and make sure that help isn’t more than a phone-call away. Dizziness, fatigue and that heavy, “had enough” feeling should never be ignored, but as long as you’ve planned your day well, there’s no reason to let the heat get in the way of your fun.

At Signature Senior Lifestyle we believe there’s little that’s more rewarding than enjoying a fine summer’s day with friends, and run an extensive programme of activities throughout the year including group outings designed to give our residents the best opportunities to enjoy the summer fully and safely. It’s always over too soon, but done right, one summer can be packed with fun times and fond memories, with not a day wasted.

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