The Development of Signature at Wandsworth

With Ian Webb, Signature Head of Construction

Ian has been involved with the development of Signature at Wandsworth since it was first proposed. Being located near the South Circular it is a very prominent site and one which will become a landmark during journeys into and out of London via the A3.

The site historically housed a variety of commercial premises but had been derelict for some years, and as such it was felt that a new premium development would improve this area within the popular and historic London Borough of Wandsworth.

Design, planning and construction presented a number of challenges which Ian and his team worked to resolve involving many departments within Signature including Development, Operations, Sales and Marketing and Facilities.  These challenges included relocation of major sewer lines, decommissioning of mobile phone masts and management of construction traffic.  Ian believes that forward-planning was the key to overcoming these; “Because of the thought process during the design stage and as we had appointed a contractor early we avoided any major issues to contend with during the construction of the project.”, he stated.

The design of the apartments at Signature at Wandsworth is groundbreaking in many ways, with air conditioning in every bedroom.  “Our room sizes are bigger than anyone else provides and we make sure they are furnished to a very high standard.”

The project has been a real labour of love for Ian.  “The best thing about being involved with the build at Wandsworth is taking the project from the time when we are looking at a map and street views of the site through to imagining what our scheme will look like on the site and then going through the various phases and seeing the old building demolished and the new building coming out of the ground.”

Ian is now looking forward to beginning work on three new sites which have been granted planning permission in Beckenham, Hendon and Barnet.  Along with Signature at Wandsworth, these homes will all be part of the new “Signature Luxury London Collection”.  “Now that we are nearing the completion it is great to see the wider Signature team getting involved in staffing, sales, marketing, accounts, IT, HR and then preparing for the residents who are going to live on the building make it another successful and vibrant home”.

You can find out more about Signature at Wandsworth, and even order a brochure here.