How to make Moving in to a Care Home Easier

Moving house can be difficult at any age, just as big changes in life generally can be. It needn’t always be this way, however. Moving into a care home can be emotional and testing  event in getting older, but with our few simple tips, it can be alleviated considerably. Here’s how to make moving into a care home easier for all.

Involve Everyone

Picking a care home, packing, looking at finances, planning short or long term care; it can all be a lot to manage on one’s own. So involve everyone! The old adage of “a task shared is a task halved” rings very true here. If children and grandchildren all take a part of the process then it can come together much more organically and efficiently for everyone. One person to help you with the finance planning, one person to help with the transport, another to assist with packing and another to keep the cups of tea coming will mean you have stable support with each section and no one particular person will be carrying all the burdon. Another person to share the load can be Signature’s own Moving In Coordinators, we have one based in each of our homes who are there to ease the transition.

Prioritise Care and Activities

It would be easy to look at your personal living spaces in a care home and make decisions based on this. However the level of care and the quality of activities available to you are potentially more important. We’re all seeking a high quality of life after all, not just somewhere comfortable to stay. Research the level of care available to you, meaning you know what safety net is in place for the future and learn what things you can get up to there.

Opportunities to take part in classes, activities and wider pass times means that you won’t be limited to just watching TV or going for walks and will make your stay all the more fulfilling.

Time the Timing

It might be simple to think that once a decision is made then it’s time to pack and go. This may well be the case, then again it might not. If it’s possible for you, this is a process that should be carefully considered and thought through. Take time to visit care homes, take time to plan the move, take time to consider options for your care at home before moving. Simply take your time. It may seem obvious, but things like surveying the political financial landscape as well is something that isn’t often considered. Changes through policy or just as time goes on might make an impact on where you want to go so keep an eye on these things and make sure you have taken all the time you need. Here too is another reason Signature are here to help. Moving in Coordinators in all of our homes around the UK are there to work with you on the process of moving into a care home, the timing of it all as much as anything else.

Discuss with Friends

Not everyone will be happy with the idea of moving in with people they don’t know well or at all. So why not ask friends to join you together? Given that an active social life is so important to older people. With numerous friends, some for decades and some new, many people are in similar situations at this time in life. Therefore discussing the possibility of two or more of you going in together is worth considering. Care and support for all as well as close proximity to people you know well and are comfortable with already. It goes without saying that surrounding yourself with people you like and love at this stage in life is a good thing, so why shouldn’t that be in a care home or in sheltered housing all together?

Of course, with innumerable possibilities open to you for care homes and with so many different personalities, not all methods and processes for moving into a care home will apply to all. However, our top tips here are generally applicable to all. Some are common sense, some you might not have considered. As mentioned, the Moving in Coordinators at Signature are there to help in each home, something that sets us apart as a care home company. Few others put that level of consideration and time into welcoming new tenants.

In the end it’s all about making a situation as easy, stress-free and comfortable as possible for all. Removing the difficulties of moving in can take it from being a chore into an exciting next stage in life.

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