Children visiting care homes

Visiting care homes can be a great way for children to experience the rewards in helping others. It’s also an opportunity for them to connect and form positive relationships with the residents, which can have a positive impact on both the children and the elderly.

These visits to the care homes were a rewarding experience for both the residents and the children. The care teams said that they received a positive response.

Not only does it provide children with a new social interaction, but it also helps to boost their self-esteem and confidence when residents interact with them. Additionally, visiting care homes can help with their social skills as the kids learn how to interact with people of different ages and backgrounds.

A TV Show broadcasted on Channel 4 called: Old People’s Home For 4 Year Olds was a heart-warming show that saw elderly residents playing games and physical activities that some residents didn’t think they could do before the kids that visited them. Children visiting care homes can bring joy and happiness to the elderly residents.

At Different Signature Homes, Residents Shared the Same Experience.

Signature at Southbourne’s Client Liaison Manager, Laura and she told us that:

The residents really look forward to having children come into the home.

They had a local Tops Day Nursery come in and who were 3 years of age and they come to visit us every Wednesday morning and have been doing this since September last year. Each week varies from art, dancing, singing, food, and exercise. On some occasions they would do dance classes too; the kids absolutely love their visits and are really making some wonderful friendships as well.

The residents loved the children coming in and one of the residents, Arthur, said for him it is his highlight of the week and he has formed a really special bond with one of the children.

Also Robyn, Client Liaison Manager from Signature at Parklands Manor

We had some lovely children come and visit us at Christmas delivering handmade Christmas cards for the residents from a local school in Egham.

The residents were all looking forward to seeing the children as it had been such a long time since we had welcomed a school back in. Some residents gathered in the café to welcome them.

The children walked around the home knocking on residents doors hand delivering to each resident here at Parklands. They also sang We Wish You a Merry Christmas to one of the residents and preformed this is sign language too as they had been learning this at school. The resident on our dementia community especially enjoyed meeting the children.The children all enjoyed meeting Russ our resident dog too.

The children absolutely loved Parklands especially the cinema and activity room. They also enjoyed cookies in the café too!

The Residents Really Loved Meeting the Kids and It Was So Lovely to See Their Faces Light Up.

Signature at Westbourne’s Activities Coordinator, Kim told us about their World Book Day experience:

Our residents were really excited rather than anxious, by the proposed visit, most residents were ex teachers or worked with children. The children really enjoyed the interaction and one resident said after the trip, that if the teachers were going to be on strike, she would step in if required, so positive feedback all round and still talking about several days later.