celebrating reaching 100 years of age

A woman named Ms. Clifton living in a care home in Kent celebrated her 108th birthday this march their team threw her a surprise party and when asked to share a secret for living a long life she said “Work hard but party harder – a bit of hard work won’t hurt you.”

Forever Young

Turning 100 is a remarkable milestone in life – people celebrating these birthdays have lived through a century of different leaders, difficult times between countries and some natural disasters but spend their days smiling about how much they’ve seen and celebrated. A few Signature residents have celebrated these same birthdays too.

One worldwide conversation is how that the ageing population has increased in different countries, including the UK where 30% of the population are aged over 65+. Young people see living to 100 as living forever and always want to know more about how their elders took care of themselves to reach these ages.

Healthy Ageing

General facts like eating healthily and staying fit are always the main tips and tricks but even younger generations have advised that writing down personal goals that you wish to achieve before certain ages is a motivating push, like travelling to different parts of one country before you turn 25 or touring cities for different events and events before 30. Following these feats you can look back and say your years have been used wisely. It’s never too late to learn how to play and instrument(s) to stimulate higher forms of thinking which can continue to be improved.

Regular doctor or consultations for healthy joints are a key mobility factor at any age and taking care of your mental health is always essential. Having a routine and a sense of purpose every day like going for a walk or joining a book club to encourage reading a new book every month. And the more connections the brain has to these wide-ranging endeavours, the better able it will be to stand up to the changes brought about by normal ageing.