Living in a Care Home as a Couple

At Signature we understand that couples who have been together for many years want to stay living together for as long as they possibly can.  We also understand that sometimes their differing care needs can make this feel almost impossible.

Across all of our homes, we have been privileged enough to have helped many couples, supporting them to ensure they can carry on living together in their later life.  What’s lovely about this is that they are able to do this with the comfort of being surrounded by many of their own precious belongings.  Within our one-bedroom suites, they can choose to share the bedroom and have a separate living room in which to enjoy their time together.  Alternatively, if they prefer – or if their care needs are very different – they can separate out within their own suite and each have a bed-sitting room.  All our one-bedroom suites have a kitchenette and en suite wet room, giving the couple a real sense of independence, and enabling them to stay living together.

One of the reasons our couples love this option is peace of mind.  They know that their loved one will be able to continue to enjoy life in familiar and safe surroundings, with the carers they know and the friends they have made, if one of them passes on.

They also know that if either of them were to develop dementia, they can continue to live together, often for quite some time in the same suite.  As their loved-one begins to need more support and requires the specialist care of our dementia area, they are both still not far from one another and are within the same surroundings, able to spend time together and continuing to enjoy their lives together.

There are many reasons why you or your loved ones could enjoy their life at Signature together as a couple.  We can offer residents a more affordable way of life and we help support you or your loved ones settle into a new way of life with ease.

In addition, we’ve seen many of our couples make friends with other couples who have similar interests.

Our homes can help couples so much, especially when care is needed by one of them.  Whilst at home, this can so often lead to isolation, depression and decreased confidence, not only for the person needing more support, but their husband or wife – their carer.

Why don’t you give us a call today or pay us a visit to find out more about how we can support loved ones make the move into care together?  You can see all of our homes here and even book a visit on our website.


By Stephanie Bowie, Signature Senior Lifestyle