Care, compassion and companionship

Person-centred care is at the very heart of Signature’s ethos we aspire to work closely with our residents and provide the very best care for each individual in our home. We know it’s important to create a caring environment where family and friends can call home. From our carers, nurses and activities team there’s always understanding and forethought into what might be best for those that may not be ready to move just yet. Often residents moving from retirement or medical care can feel lonely but moving into a care home doesn’t mean you have to give up the finer things in life.


Living in supportive surroundings, being given opportunities and a secure space to express themselves through activities or hobbies, will guarantee improvement in expressing oneself to a compassionate team that want their residents to feel calm in a safe circle with friends they can relate to. We take a holistic approach to living well and consider that support in mental health with dedicated surroundings for those living with dementia we can pay special attention to creating an atmosphere that supports independent living for as long as possible. Our care regarding mental health and communication is supported too with collaborative activities like gardening. Our landscaped gardens are beautifully designed to encourage time outside and support physical hobbies.


Compassion comes with understanding one’s troubles and wanting to help them accept that we can grow past these to achieve confident growth; especially after taking time to grieve for loved ones. Carers are here to support, not only the residents, but also their family and friends who may be sharing these concerns.

There are separate rooms, away from personal bedrooms for visitors to talk about how they feel and wish to proceed. Growth is achievable in a sociable and comfortable community our residents can call home. Any hurdles faced, our carers will reassure residents that there may be difficult times but with support and compassion there will be guidance when moving on.


Companionship will always have a positive effect on those who want to live well in a guided home. Companionship is empowering; knowing that someone is coming to see you and spend some time talking and enjoying their day just because you joined them. Residents and carers can show mutual companionship when sharing fun anecdotes about their everyday lives and when the residents need some updates on today’s news or new music; there’s always a teacher waiting. We understand it can be boring spending time with no-one new but a growing familiarity with create a bond and familial setting where there’s no worry in walking around if your neighbour is happy to walk and talk to a lunch with you.

In conclusion Signature homes are a safe space for support, kindness and friendship intended welcomed with a warm energy that lasts evermore.