Best UK Holiday Destinations for Older People

Retirement for many people means more opportunity to travel and see the world. However as time goes on this may become more difficult for one reason and another. Not impossible though. Staying in the UK provides many people with a vast variety of holiday opportunities and here are just a few places that offer a great getaway, whatever your mobility.


Devon & Cornwall

Always popular for getaways with all generations, Devon & Cornwall really do offer something for everyone. Whether you’re someone that likes local history or outdoor pursuits, great food and drink or arts and culture, Devon & Cornwall boast a wealth of diversity in things to do.

Not only that but these two historic counties are about as user-friendly as UK destinations get. Package deals, community trips and guided tours are common place, making them accessible to all. For the older generation, holiday camps and organised trips are becoming more popular by the year. At reasonable cost, time can be booked in enclosed hotels and care rooms that provide not only daily support to people who need it but still enable them to take in all this part of the country has to offer. Devon & Cornwall may be in a secluded part of the UK but regular managed bus tours from key cities enable this holiday for all. Plus, who doesn’t love a cream tea?!



It’s easy to assume that retired people would prefer a quiet holiday over one planted in the middle of the hustle and bustle of London. The capital however provides one of the world’s best city breaks.

Rich in history and sites, top quality dining and with a transport system that’s far better than its reputation, London can comfortably be considered as an older person’s getaway. More on the expensive end of the scale given the London inflation, the capital is however starting to catch up with making accessible tourism to older people.

Websites like Air B&B give a selection of stopover options that are aimed at older people who may have physical or other kinds of limitations. Guided tours are a classic in London and these too are beginning to aim at an older clientele. OAP tours are possible around many key historical sites and with numerous glorious parks around the ever-greener city, you’ll never get caught up in the rat race. London’s a great example of a city that doesn’t age discriminate tourists.


Lake District

Arguably the UK’s most popular destination, the Lake District has attracted outdoor types for literally hundreds of years. The Lake District stands in the face most people’s image of the UK being solely made up of rolling farmland countryside. Rugged, mountainous and vast, the Lake District is beginning to branch out in its tourist demographic.

For the more physically able among the retired, dedicated walking tours that account for older participants are now common place and extremely accommodating with plenty of support.

Care holiday homes are common up here as well, where residents can count on most levels of their ongoing care that they require at home while being on holiday. Access from cities close and far are very reasonably priced, frequent and many are dedicated to servicing the requirements of retired and older people.

For the less outdoor types, the Lake District flourishes with festivals of food, arts, crafts and local history. The Lake District is a wildlife enthusiasts paradise as well as the changing seasons throughout the year means you’re never going to miss out of nature.

Holidaying for older people certainly isn’t as accessible as for other age groups, let’s not forget this. However these destinations are among the leaders in the UK for making weeks and weekends away realistic for those it would be impossible for otherwise.

Your UK holiday as an older person or older group will definitely take a bit of planning and searching, but that’s part of the fun of travel anyway, whatever your age!

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