There was a day last week with sunshine!… so we decided to take advantage of it with a trip to one of our favourite Garden Centres.

On arriving we headed to the clothes section where there was a really good selection of clothes, some of which were so soft that we couldn’t stop feeling them and showing each other. We had a male Resident with us and we joked about how good he was at joining in. He said that it was so nice to be out that he didn’t mind where he went.

After a good browse, we went into an aquatic centre to see all the amazing amount of fish in all shapes, sizes and colours, which fascinated everyone.

By this time we were all ready for a cup of tea so made our way to the café. After a while, one of the Residents wanted to go shopping so they popped off and she ended up buying a very useful travel mug, something she had been wanting for some time.

One of our Resident’s sons joined us for the trip and they went off together to explore the Garden Centre and we then met up with them in the café. They too enjoyed the aquatic centre, saying they hadn’t realised how extensive it was.

We were very lucky as it was still sunny when we went home… and it was still light… spring is definitely starting.