Join in the fun at Bentley House!

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Join in the fun at Bentley House!

2nd May

10.00am Oomph in Activities

11.00am Bentley stores – Open

2.00pm Trip to Van Hage

6.30pm Movie evening

7.00pm Computer skills with Kiri

3rd May

10.00am Crafts In the Activity Room

11.00am Cedars – Oomph

11.00am 1:1’s

2.30pm Hand beel ringing In the Activity room

3.30pm Walks out

7.00pm Current affairs with Nicolette

4th May

10.00am Ball games In the Activity Room

11.00am Cedars Walks out

2.00pm Shopping game with Deborah

4.00pm Afternoon Matinee

7.00pm Ladies evening

5th May

10.00am Dominoes

11.00am Cedars Melodies for the Mind

2.00pm 1:1’s

2.30pm4.30pm Garden Design Course with the SMILE project.

7.00pm Poetry with Catherine

6th May

10.00am What’s in the Box

11.00am Cedars Crafts

11.00am Bentley stores-open

2.30pm Magician in Activities

3.30pm Food/Activity Forum

7.00pm Gentleman’s club

7th May

10.00am Younique make up party and demonstration

2.00pm Cedars Walks out

3.30pm Afternoon Matinee

8th May

10.00am Church service

11.45am Residents’ Sherry Aperitif Dining Lounge

2.00pm Trip to Hertford craft market

4.00pm Afternoon Matinee

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