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We now have a brand-new exercise class called EnergiZe exercise. This idea was thought up by Activities assistant, Kiri Moss. As Kiri has had a background in dance, she wanted to share this with others.
EnergiZe is an in-house activity, it’s dance based with low level lighting and flashing glow sticks. We also have a disco ball to light up the room!
Residents are sat during the exercise, while the EnergiZe leader is standing up. There is a warm up session, a few lively songs for the main part of the session and a cool down by the end.
As standard exercises were becoming a little repetitive, Kiri wanted to make them enjoyable again. Residents taking part in EnergiZe are enjoying themselves so much they don’t even think of it like exercise.
One resident commented ‘It’s energetic, lively and colourful’ and can not wait until the next session.
All residents that have taken part so far have said ‘It’s very original and enjoyable.’ We are thrilled about these classes and find it very beneficial for our residents. Furthermore, it leaves everyone feeling happy and good about themselves.
We recommend all Signature homes to give this a go. At Bentley house we have four different exercise classes, such as Fit as a fiddle, Oomph and Tai Chi.
We are also inducing Pilates and laughing yoga into the exercise programme very soon as we find exercises so popular.

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