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Bentley House National Care Home Open Day

friendship bracelets at bentley

On the 16th of June, Bentley House embraced the theme of ‘friendship’ for National Care Home Open Day.
In the morning, we made friendship bracelets, and residents got to choose their favourite coloured cord and charms. Also, residents on our Cedars Suite made Friendship Bread from scratch and Platted it.
We all then headed outside on the patio for a BBQ! After lunch, it was time for The Bentley House Game show ‘Who knows me best?’ based on the 1970’s show ‘Mr & Mrs. We wanted to demonstrate how well staff know their residents.
The game show included our very own ‘who knows me best’ jingle, disco lighting, a ‘who knows me best sign’ and a Booth that was decorated in colourful panels by the residents as part of an on-going art project.
Liam, from the restaurant team, and one of our lovely residents, Jim, were the winners. Their prize was a big shiny trophy and a meal out to a local restaurant. Liam has decided to dedicate a place for the meal to Jim’s wife, so they can have a lovely evening together.

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