Greta Brandler – BBC Interview
6 February 1918: Women get the right to vote for the first time!

The Beeches care and nursing home were delighted to have the BBC news through their doors today.
Greta Brandler, 102 years old and a resident of The Beeches was speaking to The Victoria Derbyshire programme today and had plenty to say about Women who still face a fight for equality 100 years after some were given the vote for the first time.

Greta told the show that women did the jobs of men, working in factories and on the land and had to be twice as good as men to be equal. It was a different world in those days and women after the second world war would not have to go back to being domestic servants and could, in fact, better themselves through further education by attending university.
She added that most men were “control freaks”, who were spoilt rotten when they were young.

Brian Whelan, BBC News Producer, said “the interview really was compelling viewing. Our audience loved her”

All the staff at The Beeches and all from Signature Senior Lifestyle are very proud to have Greta as our truly wonderful resident!


See part of the interview from the link below: