Our last week was busy, packed with events and activities.

On Tuesday Radio Wey visited our home once again, providing the best songs from the ’70s. With great music, people started to form pairs and started to dance all over the floor.

But of course, everyone is looking forward to the Thursdays to have a dance or two with Simon. His music and his moves, makes our residents dance every time.

On Friday we were baking from scratch. With the help of our residents we prepared and mixed the dough for our cakes.

Over the Weekend rugby got the spotlight. For the ones who are not a fan of going all the way to our cinema, we brought the experience for them so they can cheer for their favourite team.

On our lazy Sunday, after celebrated Renee J. having her birthday with her family around, Nick Garrie was here to play his guitar and sing happy Birthday and other songs well-known songs, that made everyone sing along.