We had the privilege of going to the White Lodge to visit some of the children, and have a sing-song.

The White Lodge is a facility that supports children and adults with disabilities. We met 4 lovely children and joined in singing nursery rhymes that we all knew. After that, it was time to get out the musical instruments and make some noise with our maracas, shakers and bells while we were singing. The residents learnt about the White Lodge and all the great work that all the staff do. We were made to feel so welcome and sat down with a cup of tea and a biscuit.
One of our residents Elsie who is an avid knitter has now been set on a project to knit baby clothes and blankets for the children’s toys at the centre.

We are going to meet regularly taking it in turns to go the White Lodge and the children coming here to Parklands to do different activities. We are excited to see them again and we feel it will be beneficial for residents, staff and the children.