The Meadows Residents had such a fun time visiting Weybridge Garden Centre!

First stop was the clothing department where we all felt how soft the scarves were and admired their beautiful designs, with one Resident saying he thought his wife would like it.

We then found the Christmas section in clothing where the 2 men tried on Christmas bobble hats… which made us all laugh, including them when they saw the photo of themselves.

One of the ladies found a pretty, blue top and was seeing what it looked like up against her. We found her a hat to wear too and took a photo of her as she looked so lovely. She thought it was a fun photo and said her daughter would like to see it.

We then split into 2 groups… the ladies wanting to browse their way through to the café, via the books stands, whilst the men wanted to go into the Aquatic Centre. The fish absolutely fascinated them; there were walls and walls of tanks with all sizes, shapes and colours of fish. The 2 of them kept pointing to all the fish they particularly liked and were really descriptive about what they saw.

Afterwards, we joined the ladies for a well-earned cup of tea and biscuit. Everyone was in a chatty, happy mood, after seeing so many interesting things, which lasted all the way home and carried on once back. It was a very successful trip out.