1. Peace of mind

With are and nursing teams on hand 24hours a day, there is always someone to cater for your every need. With some of the best resident to ratios in the industry and Signature’s award-winning care you are sure to have everything you need all under one roof!

  1. Skilled staff delivering specialist elderly care

We are committed to the development and training of our staff. No matter how experienced a member of the team is, all staff go through intensive training on all aspects of the role including a shadowing period prior to delivering care to our residents. All our staff are undergoing additional infection control training to prevent any spread as well as ensuring the correct use of PPE.


  1. Zero cases of corona virus (Monitoring & Safety)

We have had zero cases of corona virus within the home are in the great position where all our team have tested negative for the virus and we are now starting a bi-weekly testing regime to minimise risks.

We purchased excess stocks of all PPE well in advance, so have plenty of stocks here in the home.

Prior to launching in March we overrecruited in all departments ensuring our teams were trained and ready to welcome our residents.

Since the lockdown many of our management team and carers have chosen to move into the home on a separate floor in order to reduce contact with others.  As a registered nursing home we also have nurses on had 24 hours a day giving that extra peace of mind.

All residents will be will regularly monitored on all vital signs including a resident’s temperature and oxygen saturation levels, measured twice daily to keep an eye out for any symptoms.

  1. Normal life without the worry

As we are a brand new purpose built home, we have plenty of space where all the facilities can be used as usual whilst social distancing such as the cinema, sky lounge, library and potting shed areas without having to leave the house!

All meals, snacks, drinks are catered for with our on site chef team ensuring that you get all the nutrition you need without having to cook or go to the shops!

Independence can be maintained with as little or as much support you may need in your own apartment or studio with en-suite and kitchenette.

  1. Socialization & Activities

Activities and well-being have been tailored to ensure social distancing. Taking place in our purpose built activities room with plenty of space ensuring that residents can continue to interact and form friendships within the comfort of their own home.