With the weather still not looking good, and more storms on the way, we thought we would give our feathered friends a treat to last through this rocky time.

We collected leftover grated cheese and some shredded wheat, flour, oil and raisins from the kitchen. Having already bought some birdseed, lard and nuts we were ready to go. We loaded up the Meadows Helpers Trolley, to take it upstairs, and one of the Residents offered to push it.

Meadows Residents, and one Assisted Living resident, enjoyed measuring out handfuls of each of the dry ingredients and mixing it all together. The mixture actually looked pretty tempting and I had to remind them not to eat it! Then came the messy part… grating the lard, as it was still too hard to mix in, and then rubbing it through the mixture. We all got greasy with birdseed stuck all over our hands. One resident saw oil and tipped quite a bit in hers, so we had to add everyone’s mixtures to hers to disperse the oil!

Then we got large handfuls and squished them into firm balls… and were very impressed that we had so many…22 balls in all. We decided that we could end up with fat little birds in our garden.