We celebrated World Beer Day by having a Beer Tasting Afternoon followed by some interesting facts about Beer, which was amusing!

We got 6 different, interesting varieties of beers (or for those connoisseurs… the nearest to beer available!) and had score sheet of 1-10 for each one.

Everyone had a sherry sized glass of each beer, although some had a second just to be sure that they had a proper taste of it. Other Residents found a splash or 2 of lemonade helped with the tasting, and the crisps helped too!

Residents then start honing the beers down, rejecting 2 then 3. We kept going until there were 2 finalists: Spitfire, an Amber Ale, and Bishops Finger, a Kentish Strong Ale. After another round of each, the final decision for the winner was… Bishops Finger!

The Residents and a couple of family members all had a jolly time with a few jokes about if they continued, they may need carrying up to their rooms!