South Lodge’s 100% NAPA Score

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South Lodge’s 100% NAPA Score

national activity providers association

The National Activity Providers Association (NAPA) is responsible for granting a score to the activities teams at care homes across the nation. On May, this year, it was South Lodge’s turn to go through the strict audit.
Katy West, activities manager, wouldn’t accept a less than perfect score for her beloved care home, and made sure South Lodge was granted a perfect 100% score from the NAPA auditors.
The whole activities team was highly praised for their innovative additions to the weekly programme, since last year’s assessment. All of them are constantly going the extra mile, and improving on the already excellent range of activities.
Of particular interest for the auditors, was the Parkinson’s Group, which was said to be an outstanding idea. A perfect way for those with the aforementioned condition and their families to receive first-hand advice and support from experts.
Katy also carefully considered the need to ensure the Dementia Suite was receiving sufficient activity provision and went as far as to design a whole system capable of measuring such need.
Happy days for South Lodge’s residents, who can enjoy the great activities, and happy days for the Signature family as well, for having such good people in its midst.

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