National Care Home Open Day at South Lodge

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National Care Home Open Day at South Lodge

Draft copy or bullet points NATIONAL CARE HOME OPEN DAY!!
To celebrate this year’s National Care Home Open Day, the staff and residents at South Lodge decided to travel to Rio De Janeiro and coincided this with a sport theme, to tie in with the Olympics being held in Rio this year.
The day commenced with a Community Carpet Bowls Championships. 5 teams battled through the heats and then 2 teams headed on into the finals with 3 of our residents winning in style! We then had an award ceremony for the competitors which finished just before lunch.
Throughout the day residents, staff and visitors were also invited to obtain a pedometer from our reception desk. Everyone had until 3pm to walk as many steps as possible with the aim as a community to walk the same distance as a marathon. Everyone did a fantastic job with this joint activity and the final tally for the day was 72.06 miles!!!! This was a great way for everyone to see how far they walked in a day and to try to boost it. The pedometers were kindly donated by Leicester City Council for this event.
Also throughout the day residents, staff and visitors were invited to take some ribbon from our ribbon tree and hang it in our outdoor space whenever they went outside for a walk. This not only boosted people’s interest to go out into the garden but also helped us to recreate the rio carnival spirit in our community.
In the afternoon the activities team hosted a Fruity Friday party in keeping with the Rio theme with coconut and watermelon mocktails, servings of tropical fruit platters and our finale which was the limbo! Everyone joined in fantastically with the limbo event and this really did put a smile on everyone’s faces.


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