Join in the activities, everyone welcome!

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Join in the activities, everyone welcome!

28th November

Before lunch on Beacon Knoll: Aquapaint art morning with Sabera

11.15am Word wheel challenge with Sabera in Reception

1.30pm play roulette with Jayne in Reception
After lunch on Beacon Knoll: At 3.15pm approximately Bistro coffee visits with Jayne

3pm Helping Hands Hour with Sabera for individuals

7pm join Jayne and our volunteer Simran in the downstairs lounge for carpet bowls followed by some drinks and nibbles

29th November

Before lunch on Beacon Knoll: 1 to 1 Decorative plate making with Jayne

10.45am Reminiscence discussion with Sabera in Reception

2pm Indoor golf putting in the downstairs lounge with Jayne and volunteer Preeya

2pm-3pm Our volunteer Meghna and Sabera will be visiting residents in their rooms to play them the flute

After lunch on Beacon Knoll: Approximately 3.15pm games with Jayne and volunteer Meghna

3.15pm Jewellery making with Sabera and our volunteer Preeya

30th November

Our complimentary therapist Claudene will be here today  She will be here from 10am until 12noon and then 1pm until 3pm.

Before lunch on Beacon Knoll: Scottish poetry reading with Jayne, with poems by Robert Burns and Sir Walter Scott whilst enjoying some Scottish food treats!

11am join Laura in Reception for a Scottish landmark quiz whilst tasting some Scottish food treats!

1.30pm join Jayne to have a go at our inflatable caber toss challenge in the downstairs lounge area
After lunch on Beacon Knoll: At approx. 3.15pm Sensory box exploration with Laura

2pm-3pm join our new storyteller Steve with Sabera and or volunteer Kowshika in the Activity Room for our storytelling session

Approximately 4pm Our Volunteer Isabela will be visiting individual resident rooms to play her violin, with Sabera

7pm proverb challenge with the Receptionist

1st December

Alicia our hairdresser will be in today

11am join Laura in Reception for our “Guess what’s in the Bag” game

1.30pm help Laura decorate the Christmas Tree in Reception

3.15pm Laura spends 1 to 1 time with individuals

7pm join the Receptionist for a crossword challenge

2nd December

10.30am Depart Reception with Laura to the Stoneygate Church coffee morning next door to us

1.30pm Games afternoon with Laura in Reception

3pm join Laura for our weekly afternoon tea event in Reception

3rd December

11am carpet bowls with Laura, in the downstairs lounge

After lunch on Beacon Knoll: 2pm Ethel’s choir, with Laura

Approximately 3.30pm Laura spends 1 to 1 time with individuals

From 7pm watch Strictly Come Dancing. There will be Gin and Tonic’s available in the downstairs lounge, served by the Receptionist

4th December

11am The reminiscence newspaper will be handed out by the Receptionist

2.15pm This afternoon’s film will be “Suffragette” starring Meryl Streep- in the downstairs lounge.

7.15pm watch the results show of Strictly Come Dancing in the downstairs lounge area, with a hot chocolate topped with marshmallows served by the Receptionist

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