A poem by Fred Waterhouse – The Spice of Life!

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A poem by Fred Waterhouse – The Spice of Life!


The small operation, but vital to the place
The band of merry travellers brings a smile to every face
They take away from every heart the fear of being alone
And space constraints are just ignored as if they were unknown.

The staff are small in number, but large in skills and talent
Expert in games, contests, quizzes and music content
They do not provide the music which you can often hear
For sing-a-long’s the secret which makes the audience cheer

In the same way, the contests are not just for the strong
But also for the skilful, even to those wheelchair bound
And even, dare one say it, to those who had brought along luck
Which they claim is buried skill, only recently refound.

Music is provided on many afternoons, by singers to be found
in the crowded lounges, where comfort does abound.
And special events, most unique, fill many summer days,
Calling for special talents in the creators’ special ways

On winter day excursions go mainly to the stores,
If you want goods it’s worth it, otherwise it bores
But in the summer it all changes, for outstanding country scenes
can be seen a shortish drive away, but oh how far that seems.

The Miramar transport i’d often called the Coach,
But this is taking its description far too far,
For it was born a lorry, of jangling metal parts
And nothing could convert it into a car

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