Outstanding Care Manager for 2 Years in a Row!

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Outstanding Care Manager for 2 Years in a Row!

darren humby best care manager award

The Great British Care Awards bestow the highest achievements care professionals can hope to receive in such industry. Most managers who take their jobs seriously would feel elated to win one of the awards, at least once during the span of their careers.
Darren Humby, general manager at The Miramar, went above and beyond and took the trophy home for the last two years in a row! First, in 2016, for the Frontline Leader category, and now in 2017, for the Registered Care Home Manager category.
The passionate manager has an incredible background. After finding out more about his past, it becomes more and more obvious why the judges couldn’t haven chosen someone better.
Darren has been in healthcare since he left school. He then became a nurse in the Royal Navy, which not only gave him a solid career foundation, but also allowed him to gain work experience in various parts of the world.
Following the time in the service, he joined the NHS. In there, he specialised in trauma and was the first male to be promoted to Matron in his Trust.
While still in the NHS, he ended up managing an impressive four community hospitals. Among his contributions was the design of a concept called One Hospital: Four Wards, which has been adopted throughout other community hospitals in Kent.
After joining the care home industry, it didn’t take long for him to start making an impact. He aimed at putting in place initiatives to see improvements in the “clinical aspect of the home”, and his approach was mainly based on a type of management system directed towards delivering an exceptional service through empowered, motivated ad well-trained staff. “Staff needed to be everything.”
Whether or not Darren will carry on winning for years to come is yet to be seen, but one thing is certain: the people he is looking after on a daily basis, be that his residents or his team members, will be the actual winners for the foreseeable future.

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