Bryan’s Pillow in Memory of his Beloved Wife*

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Bryan’s Pillow in Memory of his Beloved Wife*

Sally Pepper pillow Miramar

Sadly, Bryan lost his wife, Eileen, in April 2017. They had been together for over 60 years.
Bryan was clearly heartbroken, following his loss, and found it a struggle to sleep without his dear Eileen by his side. Particularly in bed at night.
Sally Pepper took the initiative to make a personal comfort pillow using Eileen’s favourite outfit, with Bryan’s consent. This demonstrated an excellent example of person-centred care by Sally.
Bryan, upon receiving the pillow, was very emotional and thanked Sally for her kind and thoughtful gift that was so personal to his needs.
The personalised pillow takes a place of pride, on Eileen’s side of the bed, and comforts Bryan throughout the night.

*This story has been fully authorised by Bryan himself to be posted here.

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