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Staff Appreciation Week

splat the rat at loxley park

On Monday the 12th of June, we had our first activity of the week for the staff, which was Splat the Rat, originally developed by Brenda Ridgeway (activities manager).

The aim was to Splat the Rat…. Obviously, as quickly as possible as soon as it exits the drainpipe.

The game required quick reflexes as the rat came down the pipe very quickly.

We had a few participants, but it was Simon Roberts (Sous-Chef) and Kathy Wild (Activities Co-ordinator) who came to a head and ended up facing off each other in a deciding round called “The Splat Off”, named by Paul Bate (Activities Co-ordinator).

It was a close game, but Kathy and Simon still came to draw, so both were winners and no cheating happened – at least that’s what we think.
They both won a voucher as a prize.

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