I have been visiting my relatives in Loxley Park for over 6 years and the standards of care and support are exemplary. John has advanced Parkinson's disease and his mobility and confidence have been severely affected. By his own admission he gets very frustrated and he can be hard work. The team members fully understand the illness and importantly, the care team provides John's medication timeously, support him on a 24/7 basis and always take the time to encourage and motivate him. As I live a long distance away I am comforted that John is safe and in good hands. The team knows me by name and always welcomes me when I visit, indeed I feel they support me as well. I would definitely recommend Loxley Park and I haven't even mentioned the fantastic food, beautiful grounds and fun activity schedule!

Sue P
Relative of Resident

The staff are excellent

I have lived at Loxley Park for 7 months and moved here because I wanted to be somewhere that could meet my future care needs. I think all the staff are excellent and enjoy the choice and quality of the food served in the restaurant.

Dennis G

We found Loxley Park and struck gold.

We found Loxley Park for my mother in 2007 and struck gold. The staff welcomed her with open arms and she never looked back. I stayed with her regularly and really felt at home. We enjoyed eating together in the restaurant and taking part in the activities which were held either in the Conservatory or the reception area.

Sarah T
Relative of Former Resident

It felt right so I sold my property and moved in.

I moved to Loxley Park 18 months ago. It is a lovely setting with very friendly and supportive staff. We have a lovely restaurant serving 3 meals a day with a varied menu. We have a varied activity programme 24/7. There is a lot of space with a number of community areas a conservatory and a library. I moved to Loxley Park following the death of my dear wife after 3 years of living alone. I searched for a place that provided me with some assistance whilst maintaining my independence. Someone recommended that I took a look at Loxley Park, It felt right so I sold my property and moved in.

Barry J

I am writing to give thanks to you all.

I knew when my mother, Peggy Moore, came to Loxley Park over four years ago, that it was a special place. She was welcomed by the staff, loved the food and immersed herself in a range of activities from dancing to scrabble. The person I knew, before the death of my father, was back.

As you know, at the end of October, on her 92nd birthday, my mother fell. She was rescued by staff and rushed to hospital. She has been in hospital and rehab for two months and was losing her will to live. A week ago she returned to Loxley. For the second time, this special place has made a very significant difference to the quality of her life, in fact, I believe it has saved her life. She returned traumatised, confused, with very limited mobility and having lost a lot of weight. Mam is now becoming increasingly confident and independent, wants to eat and engage in activities again. Her sense of fun and her twinkle are back.

Thank you to you all; in your range of roles, for the quality of your service but even more importantly for the love and care, support and encouragement you have given my Mam. I know I still have her because of you.

Irene Moore
Relative of Resident

Our mum, Margaret, had a very successful professional career but was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and became increasingly confused and isolated. Living alone at home everything became a problem for her and a worry for us. Happily Margaret's move to Loxley Park has meant that she once more enjoys life without the challenges of everyday living. She has made friends amongst the residents and takes part in events that range from singing and dancing to gardening in Loxley Park's greenhouse and grounds. Margaret joins outside visits to her beloved Peak District and thankfully her appetite has returned - the food is just wonderful. Throughout the staff have supported her and although Margaret's dementia has now progressed she still maintains a level of independence and quality of life which we thought would be impossible. We would certainly recommend Loxley Park.

Richard M
Relative of Resident